Just Hanging Around

In the early 2000s, when blogging started becoming all the rage, I began a blog post called Nevada City Sisyphus on BlogSpot. If anybody read it, no one ever mentioned it in electronic response. Around that time, I also discovered Red Room, a community of writers started by the independent Small Press Distribution in Berkeley. Beyond being a BlogSpot, Red Room was a real community of writers. Exciting new technology and new times! The blogosphere continues to grow but, unfortunately, Red Room did not. They were recently acquired by Wattpad, a platform for writers, but far less intuitive. Granted, posts are a little far between, but I prefer the easier interaction. To ease the world of blogging, I have archived my posts from both Nevada City Sisyphus (BlogSpot) and my  Red Room posts into Wordpress for now. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment. I’ll keep posting my political and philosophical thoughts as the mood strikes me. Maybe even share a poem or two. And, who knows? Couldn’t hurt to check Wattpad out in a while, too.

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