Migrating to a New WordPress

Dear Friends,

In the interest of streamlining, I am migrating my blog Rhymes and Ruminations to my webpage. As an email subscriber, you will continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before. WordPress.com followers will only see new posts in the Reader. You will not receive email updates unless you subscribe to receive those on the new site subscriber widget. You can follow the link to the new website here www.charlesentrekin.com.

In addition, I am Managing Editor of Sisyphus Literary Magazine and have also migrated the magazine to WordPress. You may subscribe here sisyphuslitmag.org.

This is a recent poem of mine appearing in the magazine.

After the Election of Donald Trump

We go through the house

room by room

boxing all our belongings.

Outside it is raining,

cars shining and wet.

Somehow, something was lost

and it cannot be found.

Still, we count everything twice,

until it no longer matters,

no longer makes sense to look for it.

What is broken cannot be unbroken.

But the house holds us quiet.

It’s as if someone fell asleep in a doorway,

a sense of something about to happen,

of the waiting of children

in a winter air,

and a warm room, floor furnace on.

It does not serve

that there is no forgiveness

or finding of fault.

Our present lives we never count.

Our pasts we cast off.

Our stories suddenly set sail without us

by moonlight

and we are alone in the dark.

Seas are rising.

We touch one another,

hands, eyes, tongues,

breathing odors of surrender.

We can no longer stand upright.

Empty houses, dogs barking,

the waiting of our children

like pieces of a manuscript

blown across a parking lot.

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